A 71 Year Old Man Bests Two Thugs

Well, as it stands, authorities say that they will not press charges against a 71 year old man who, as seen in the video posted in the bottom of this link, shot and wounded two would be thieves who came storming in to an internet cafe, one with a gun and one with a baseball bat. The local newspaper (in Ocala, Florida) reports that one of the two crooks had a gun and was pointing it at the customers and another was swinging a bat around (and indeed, he smacked a monitor and computer with his bat, so it seems as if these two dudes meant business).


From what we can deduce in the video, the two crooks are going to rob the place of computer equipment.


Now, what would you do in a situation like that?


Cue Mr. Samuel Williams, 71 year old resident of Ocala, who I would have to say not only acted in the best interest of all the customers in the cafe, the equipment of the cafe, and himself, made this a perfect example as to why conceal and carry is not as “bad” as the media portrays it to be. Notice Mr. Williams, no criminal record, applied for and got a concealed weapons permit – legally. Both thugs are 19 years old, they can’t even legally buy a handgun! Yet here they are pointing a gun at all these people.


That is why criminals are criminals. If you disarm the people, like Mr. Samuel Williams, those guys still have guns. They don’t go away, they don’t disappear. I’m not in favor of anyone being shot, but in a case like this, where it appears that the two crooks mean business, this happened in such a way that everyone wins (minus the crooks of course, but since they are crooks, they lose).
After thinking about it, this is the perfect example of why conceal and carry is legal and why it should remain legal, and in for that matter, where it is not legal it should be legalized. What was a bad situation turned out all right for everyone – no one was seriously hurt, the company was not robbed and two would be criminals are now in jail (or hospitalized).




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