A Tale of Two Cities…What is real? Nothing….

Looking at the constant stream of Economic information coming from the government paints a “Tale of Two Cities.” It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Where’s the truth? Well…. this much I do know, the truth will not be coming from government sources anytime soon. In the governments world, black is white and white is black. Things that you used to be able to rely upon, are no no longer relevant. We are constantly told that our economy is improving, yet a close look at the metrics they use are either altered, or, have some confusing qualifier inserted to achieve the desired out come which is, to Manage Expectations, even If it has to reinvent facts to do so.


Let me give you an example,  we have $220 trillion of unfunded entitlement liabilities; a $16.5 trillion national debt; annual deficits exceeding $1 trillion; raw Printing of 85 billion dollars out of thin air on a monthly basis; 48 million citizens on food stamps; 11 million people on SSDI; a true unemployment rate of 23%; true inflation exceeding 5%; record high gasoline prices; 0% interest rates for senior citizen savers; free money for criminal bankers provided by their sugar daddy Bernanke; not one criminal prosecution of a Wall Street executive for the greatest financial fraud in history; a war department that spends $1 trillion per year and fights undeclared wars around the world; and a bureaucratic nightmare called Obamacare that will drive up deficits, drive up healthcare costs for every family, enrich the healthcare industrial complex, drive doctors into retirement, and drive small businesses into bankruptcy. So…let me ask you something? Why…….. is the government not addressing these issues instead of lying through its teeth?


A week or so ago they had the hearings on what transpired when our ambassador was killed in Libya last September. Let me save you the time of going back to read about this. Its summed up with this, we don’t know what happened. They rambled on with incoherent answers that lead to the same place, Nowhere. We had an Ambassador and people around him who tried to get help for 8 hours or so, and we could not send help. No one can account for the President absence, hence, Lies , Lies and more lies. So let me ask you something, why,….when you have seen nothing but lies coming out of official channels, would you trust any thing they say? Here’s the answer, you wouldn’t.


Okay,….so we continue to limp along under the guise of, ” Every things Beautiful Man” along with a steady pace of propaganda that would make Joseph Goebbels proud. We are living in Unprecedented times. We are sailing in Uncharted financials waters and no one cares where the rocks are. Well……. here’s my advice….Start chanting,   Every things gonna be alright…………………………….come on lets hear it………….






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