Abulance Chasers Arrive at the Scene….

  Just off the wire today is the horrific shootings in Colorado at a Movie theater screening of the “Dark Knight”. First, let me say this is a terrible thing to happen, perpetrated by either a deranged individual, or, one who is just down right evil. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families involved. It seems as if there is no safety except the safety you provide for your self. The next thing which will happen is the ambulance chasers and political hacks will now come out of the wood work. Their BS. line will be ” See….if we had more gun control this would not have happened etc”. This will also be used by the Political Hacks to try and make their points of how this guy was associated with the Tea Party, or, he was a conservative republican…the inference is, all conservative republicans are mass murders or condone this kind of behavior. I can assure you, None do. Only an idiot would believe that but you know…we have a lot of simple minded idiots especially in the media.


  First out of the gate this morning was Mayor Doomberg. (Bloomberg NYC.)

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a long-time advocate of gun control, called on both candidates to address what they would do to help prevent such tragedies.

  “No matter where you stand on the Second Amendment, no matter where you stand on guns, we have a right to hear from both of them concretely, not just in generalities –specifically what are they going to do about guns?” Bloomberg said today on WOR Radio. The mayor is founder and majority owner of Bloomberg News parent Bloomberg LP.

Lets be frank. Mayor Doomberg is not interested in what candidates are going to do about this. The fact of the matter is, this was random violence which you can not predict. Oh sure, you’ll have some half wit try to make a case that this can be prevented but unfortunately, it can’t, or, we would have already had a solution. What Doomberg really means, or wants is, the the disarming of America.

Let me tell you something, If there had been one armed person in that theater last night, things could have been different. I ‘m not suggesting no one would have been hurt, what I am am suggesting is, the Criminal would have had his hands full and maybe, just maybe, there would have been a chance to stop him. As it sits now there was no chance and we are left with the results.

My advice, purchase a firearm, Learn to use it properly. (Falcon Arms Concealed Carry is a good place to start) Learn how to carry it concealed, and take it with you everywhere. You need to be prepared to take care of yourself and your family. If you want to be a victim, act like one but then don’t be surprised at the results.

Up Date 7/21/2012: It didn’t take long for the clowns at ABC News to do exactly as predicted. Brian Ross from ABC News couldn’t wait to break the news to George Stephanopoulos and the country that he found a Jim Holmes who was registered with the Tea Party Patriots. Never mind that this Jim Holmes had nothing to do with the killings, the supposed connection was just too good to pass up. You see the mantra today is, Never Let a Good Crisis go to Waste. What Brian Ross really accomplished was to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind as to what the real agenda is. Brian Ross didn’t care about the victims, all he cared about was trying to find a way to smear the Tea Party and by inference any one associated with it.

The Emperor Napoleon , had it right when he said, “Never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake.” The Main Stream Media can’t understand why they are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Well there you have it…this is why.


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