Arizona to Build it’s own 200 Mile Fence

Members of the Arizona Border Security Advisory Committee have been trying to raise money to build 200 miles of border fencing. They are hoping for private donations and getting some of the supplies donated. Most of us would agree that Arizonians have the right to feel safe in their own state and to be able to walk in the National Forests without running into signs that read “Travel Not Recommended” or “Active Drug and Human Smuggling Area”


Why would Arizona citizens be concerned about a border fence? President Obama told us in a 2011 speech in El Paso that “The fence is now basically complete.” He was talking about the ‘fence’ that five years earlier began construction. President Bush had signed a Bill in 2006 authorizing 700 miles of fencing along the US – Mexican Border. What’s funny about this comment is that on the day Obama said it, a staffer from the Department of Homeland Security told  Sen. Jim DeMint that 36.3 miles of fence is all that had been completed, and that was confirmed by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).


Janet Napolitano, who is now Homeland Security Secretary, has been the Obama administration’s attack dog when it comes to delivering the bad news to Arizona. What makes it all the more interesting is she used to be Gov. of Arizona. And I know what your thinking, she must have just let the illegals walk all over her state when she was in charge, since she doesn’t care what is happening to them now. Wrong. In 2005 then Gov. Napolitano declared a state of emergency in which she requested $1.5 million to fight illegal immigration and drug cartel activity. “The federal government has failed to secure our border, and the health and safety of all Arizonians is threatened daily by violent gangs, coyotes and other dangerous criminals,” said Napolitano. “These funds provide our law enforcement community with another valuable tool to fight crime related to illegal immigration.”


Arizona has had its blows with this regime that’s for sure, from Sheriff Joe and the birth certificate, to the ‘finger wagging’ of Gov. Jan Brewer, all the way to them being sued by A.G. Holder over their immigration law. I stand with Arizona on this issue, and wish them God Speed in fund raising and building of their fence, and maybe… just maybe Arizona wont have any city named “Kidnapping Capitol of the USA


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  1. Todd Crabtree

    August 31, 2012 at 12:39 am

    Are there any Democrats who don’t follow situational ethics? They have no shame. I grew up with a bunch of God fearing DFL farmers. The DFL will soon have to named DL!

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