Cranky Man Politics

Have you ever watched a debate with an old cranky politician?  I remember circa 2010 when Chip Cravaack was running against Jim Oberstar and just how much of a cranky old man Oberstar came off as. He was somewhat condescending, rude, talked over his candidate, and he didn’t seem like a likable guy at all.

After watching a few minutes of the debate last night, I have to say that it seems like the Vice President may have trumped Jim Oberstar. There is this thing called common respect that I think a lot of people lack these days, and I’m not just talking about liberals, both sides are sometimes guilty of this (though it seems like more of a liberal thing).

You should check this video out:

Joe Biden doesn’t want to talk about the issues, he just wants to laugh them off. It’s great that these people just want to sneer this off.

Peachy – looks like we are going in a great direction.

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