Cyprus….The verdict and its Ugly…..

Well…..we now have the final outcome of what has gone down In Cyprus . Some of you may be wondering why I am flogging this story. Let me explain. Most of us are under the Illusion that we function under the rule of law and that personal property is just that. When there is a drastic departure of that whether in this country, or, somewhere else, it gets my attention. In the case of Cyprus, If you have followed the progression of events over the last week or so, we had The ECB and the IMF make a pronouncement that a couple of the the largest Banks in Cyprus are now Bankrupt and that the depositors must now bail them out. To the facilitate this bailout they froze everyone’s bank account and and then proceeded to dictate the terms and the amounts. As it turns out they have now arrived at the total amount they are going to steal from the depositors. At last read, any account over 100,000 Euros will now be Clipped for 40%.  Are you getting this……They are going to steal 40% of their depositors money in any account that is larger than 100,000 Euros. The depositor has nothing to say about this. If your money is in their bank, they got you, unless, you were fortunate enough to get to one of their branches out side of Cyprus.


So…what does all of this mean. To me, it means this will be the new normal. If the banks can get away with stealing your money, trust me, they will. In actuality, these slime balls need to be in Jail. This will not stop until we…as a people,…… say NO MORE. The reason I am so adamant  about this is because, the ECB and the IMF knew the condition  for these banks. 18 months earlier, they performed a stress test on all the major banks in Europe including the two banks which blew out in Cyprus. They lied about their condition then and are liars now when they act like none of them know this. This is to create the illusion that all is well and everything is beautiful man……


Okay, so you see what they are willing to do aided and abetted by the government. Do you really think you can trust these people? If you say yes, click out of this site as you are terminally hopeless. For the rest of us, we need to keep the barest minimum in the bank as far as cash is concerned. Let me ask you something. If they decided to do this in our country what would you do? How would you live? No Money equals a very difficult road. Can’t buy food or Gas etc. In Cyprus, they would not take credit cards because they are not sure they will get paid.


Let me sum this up, we need to make preparations for the time that the financial markets implode. The mountain of debt they keep piling on is not sustainable and is going to tumble down. For those of you who don’t think this can happen here, well……I am truly sorry  but you are hopelessly naive and reality is going to Rock Your World…..






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