Debt Deal Crumbles under Weak, Pathetic, Politicians

I think I can safely say that over the course of the past two weeks, we have seen the best and the worst of our leadership in Washington. As the expiration of the budget deal approached, it became painfully apparent, there was no strategy to address some of the major problems which are facing this once great nation. What are some of these problems? Lets start with run away spending and entitlement programs. There is absolutely NO will, to reign in the ever growing debt that is piling up. Once again, let me refresh your memory. The nation takes in roughly 2.6 trillion in taxes and we, as a nation, continue to spend 3.8 trillion. Try doing that in your own house hold and let me me know how that works out. It won’t. Instead, we had a petulant President who flatly declared, he would not negotiate on any thing. Truth be told, he wants more taxes so he can continue to give away your money to those who are not entitled to it.


For all you Red and Blue state lovers, lets be clear, there is no distinction between either the Republicans or the Democrats. They are both addicted to debt spending and the only difference is, who gets the money.

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