Elections in two weeks… Will it make a difference?

The choice really has never been more stark – on one side you have the leftist regime, with all the things that they are pushing – more spending, more taxes on the “rich” (in other words, anyone who is successful), the abortion agenda, the continued financial destruction of this country by the Fed, and all those great “promises” made by the man who is pushing that agenda – a extreme leftist borderline socialist who is acting on the “dreams of his father”. On the other side, we have a candidate who has been successful in the private sector, who may take some controversial stances on some issues that I hardly agree with (like guns), but who overall is probably more fiscally responsible than the candidate on the left.

So the question I have for all the undecided is this: Why are you still undecided? What is keeping you from one candidate or the other? Is it that one or the other is not perfect? I don’t believe you’ll ever have a perfect candidate. The time is right now to choose who to vote for, because time does not stop and if you are not sure what you believe in, now is the time to find out.

We really have two choices here – one is to continue down the path we are going – spending money we don’t have, clinging to the ways of Obama with less jobs, more debt, and more spending? One of the most important things you can focus on is what you believe in and choose the candidate who is best suited to your beliefs.

I love this question, because it really gets my brain moving and that is this: Are we really better off than we were when all the people who promised hope and change and a new beginning to our country took office? Are we really any happier with what this country is about right now? Do we really accept that our men and women and ambassadors are being killed overseas all while being treated with contempt by the Commander in Chief and the Princess of the State?

I wish the candidates would spend their time telling us what it is that they believe rather than prepared speeches and the “I promise this”, and the “I promise that”.

I believe in this: That no man or woman should be ashamed of success – and they should not feel bad for being a success. You are not a burden on society. You are not hurting the poor and the needy by being successful. You pay your taxes and you are an honorable person. That if you tell no lies, ¬†and make no promises you can’t keep, that you are a functioning member of society and that if you obey the law, that you are an exceptional citizen.

But I also believe that the exceptional man or woman has been trampled on in the name of charity and in the name of fairness. I believe that exceptionalism is something that is being discouraged by the Government in the name of helping the needy.

I believe in helping the needy, but I don’t believe in enabling the needy to become more needy. I believe in helping someone break the chains of dependence, not making them a slave to their dependence.

I believe in a place where personal freedoms are not encroached on by the promise of safety. There is no promise of safety in anything – stepping outside your front door is a risk that you take. Getting in a car is a risk that you take. I don’t believe taking those risks away from us is helping us, because by taking the risk away, you remove the choice.

I believe in cause and effect – that for every choice, there is a consequence, and that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If you believe in this – and I don’t mean just saying it, I mean that in your heart, you know what I am saying is true, then the choice is clear on who to vote for. Saying that you believe it and then expecting a handout from someone or the Government is not believing in it – it’s putting on a sheep costume even though you are a wolf. Believing in it is living within your means. It’s not accepting the status quo. It’s doing things to change your situation rather than accept it and whine about it. It’s not caving in to the “bailout” and not accepting “help” from the Government. They are more than happy to help you… with other peoples money because let’s face it – it’s so easy to spend someone else’s money. It’s about learning to sustain yourself and making something of yourself.

I care about this country a lot. I like having the freedom that I do and I will fight for what I believe because I believe in it so strongly. Voting is a form of fighting against they tyranny of the opposition – so use it and do it.

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