Firearms and Ammo Sales at a Brisk Pace…WHY?

  Whether you know this or not, last year was a record year for firearms sales. In my conversation with people in the trade, there are definitely slow deliveries of certain types of Firearms , Parts, and Various Reloading Supplies including popular Brass (.223 & .308, You Know…the military calibers) Now many people will put this down to the Obama effect. What is the Obama effect? Well,…. to put it plainly, we have an administration which does not like Guns in any of their forms and would, if they had the power and votes,  ban as many as possible within the law, or, outside of the law if they can get away with it. The problem the President had doing this when he had a completely democratic congress and Senate was,…. many of the democrats in Southern and Western States did not want any part of further gun laws and restrictions. The reason they didn’t want to go down this road is very simple, they want to get elected again.

  Furthermore, the anti gun President and his supporters had some set backs in the past couple of years. We had the Heller decision which was handed down by the supreme court which basically holds that our gun rights are individual rights, not collective rights as many of the Libs have contended for years. After that decision we then had McDonald Versus Chicago. Here we had cities like Washington DC and Chicago Illinois who essentially claimed they could ban firearms in their cities. After further litigation this also went down in Flames and Cities had to make accommodations whereby law abiding citizens have the ability to defend themselves and can own a firearm with the city limits.

  Then we had the crowning achievement of this administration, we had the “Fast and Furious”blow up where the ATF was letting straw purchasers buy guns and take them across the border into Mexico which then resulted in the death of a border patrol agent. In most programs, there is a beginning, a middle and an End, here…..  the clown car brigade had nothing….No plan for what they were going to do other than the fact that leaked memo’s would lead you to believe they were going to use the guns which were going into Mexico via the USA and then use this asjustification for the proposal of further gun laws and restrictions. Thankfully this didn’t work and to this day Eric Holder, our illustrious Attorney General, is stonewalling further attempts to get to the bottom of this.

  So…we come back to the reason of why we are seeing record gun sales. Simply put, people are afraid. They are distrustful of their government. When you see laws passed such as the NDAA ( National Defense Authorization Act ) where they can brand you a terrorist and detain you indefinitely, where the department of homeland security is purchasing 450 million rounds of 40 S&W,  where government figures and stats from Employment numbers to the state of the economy are routinely rigged, why would you trust any thing they say without looking closely at their claims.

  It is against this back drop that you are seeing large numbers of people quietly accumulating firearms, ammunition and reloading supplies at a steady pace. I expect this to continue as long as President Obama is in the white house. My advice is, to continue to make prudent preparations. We live in uncertain times.


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