Gun Control? Nope…People Control

Well, it’s as they say… never let a good crisis (or tragedy) go to waste. There has been a lot of talk about Gun Control since the shootings in Aurora and now the shootings in Connecticut and then firefighters ambushed in New York. No doubt there is a lot of violence in this world. The idea that putting restrictions on guns is going to make this all go away is hopelessly naive. Do you really think criminals are going to suddenly obey the law? Do you think the criminally insane are going to suddenly come to their wits? Or, respond to a calm voice? I think you know the answer to those questions, probably not.


So the next question is, then why are they making a full court press to ban or eliminate guns, especially since, even Joe Biden admits, these laws will not eliminate the possibility of future actions by criminals. The answer is this, their real motive all along has been, and  is, to eliminate guns out of the hands of private individuals. Now some of you libs. out there will probably roll your eyes, however , from where I am standing, you can come to no other conclusion. Notice before the election we heard nothing about Gun control. Why do you think that is? No,….. its not just because we had the CT. massacre. We had the regrettable incident in Aurora Co. Before the election. The reason for the full court press right now is, Obama and many of the democrats have been elected and they feel embolden to ram some of these through because the Mid Term elections are two years away and they will depend on you to have a short memory.


Since the elections is a couple of years away, they lean on people like Gov. Cuomo from New York who proposed Legislation and then had it rammed through in the middle of the evening with no debate. The same thing will be tried in Minnesota. Our Governor with the 1000 mile stare, had Obama come in a couple of weeks ago, to help try and ram through more repressive gun laws in this state, as we now have a complete democratic legislature. The simple fact is, they feel embolden and will try to strike while the iron is hot so to speak, hence, the title, Never Let a good Crisis go to waste.


I took the opportunity to to attend one of the hearings, here in Minnesota. One thing which was striking was the number of people testifying in behalf of increased regulation which used fictitious numbers to bolster their case. An example was this idea that 40% of criminals get their guns by buying them on the internet. This was stated a number of times as if it were truth. When, in actuality, they were spouting Democratic talking points which are being used on a national level. To these people, the ends justifies the means and if they need to lie to get there… be it. The idea that criminals are flocking to the internet to buy guns is a complete lie and they know if.


The key to defeating these Clowns is, to make sure they know they will get trashed in the next election. They may feel embolden now, but we,…… as the people, need to let them know in no uncertain terms, we will do all in our power to see they are defeated. Here’s the other thing, each of us need to step up to the plate Now and have our voices heard. Do not wait or think some one else will do it.


We need to have our voices heard and it needs to be now. Lets get to it……




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