Idiots in Large Groups (on Gun Restrictions)…

I know you all have been following the news lately, but the left is angry – and even people with no common sense, when angry and in large groups, can be dangerous.

I wrote my Senator yesterday… I’ve only ever written 2 people before, once Hannity, telling him to confess how much he loved Gingrich, and once a Senator in 8th grade. My Representative happens to be John Kline (R-MN 2nd District) who is pretty good on the issue… But I wrote and told him not to even think about voting for any type of gun restriction. I also think that I’ll be writing Al Franken (D) and Amy Klobuchar (D) to tell them the same, though I doubt they will listen.

It’s my belief that the Second Amendment was put in the constitution immediately after the First Amendment because of how important it was – now we have people detesting what guns can do to other people, and how owning a cache of guns is “not what the founders intended”. Who is anyone to decide what they intended? What they intended is written down clearly.

Why are we to have our rights taken from us because of the acts of people who are irresponsible and who clearly have some sort of mental health issue? Why do they want the responsible citizens to give up arms?

A criminal is a criminal because he does not obey the law, and for all intents and purposes, he / she does not care about the law – that’s why they are a criminal. Breaking the law is what makes a criminal a criminal. If they are intent on killing someone or inflict mass damage, they will find a do so. Whether by guns, knives, explosives, cars, hammers, clubs, axes, bats, keyboards, swords, spears, wrenches, bows, etc… if a criminal’s goal is to hurt, maim, or kill someone, they’ll find a way to do it. 

As a responsible citizen, whether owning a gun or not, makes no difference. Bad people do bad things. Crazy people do crazy things (pardon the political incorrectness). Shootings will happen, people will be killed, and it doesn’t matter what kind of weapon they have – because bad people do bad things, and crazy people do crazy things, and the fact of life is that there bad and crazy people in the world.

So, now that we accept that this is going to happen, no matter what type of laws you have trying to stop it (criminals don’t obey laws, remember?), what can stop it? The typical police response time (in Minneapolis / St. Paul) was 8:00 minutes in 2010.  Do you know the kind of damage someone could inflict within 8 minutes? So the question is this: Can police stop it? Sure, if you have enough of them that get to the place where the situation is in a timely manner. Did police stop Aurora? No. Did police stop Newton? No.

As a responsible citizen, I hope to God I never have to shoot someone. I believe that 99.99999% of responsible citizens feel that way. We are not “gun toting lunatics” – we are responsible citizens who choose to have one more method of defense in our corner, in case the cops can’t make it there in 1 minute, because in 1 minute, you could be dead at the hands of a criminal. In 1 minute, 25 people could be dead at the hands of a criminal.

Obviously, I don’t believe “gun control” is the answer to these shootings. My personal belief has already been stated – that there are bad people out there who do bad things – and such has been the way of the world since before history began. I don’t say this because I’m a pessimist or that I am paranoid that someone is always out to get me – I say this because it’s the truth. There are bad people out there who may want what you have, and they may be willing to take it from you by force – your life is worth nothing to them, even if their life is worth something to you.

I believe that every physically and mentally capable man or woman should own and know how to use a firearm. Call that radical or absurd. But I believe that. Firearms can take lives, yes. But they can also save lives and stop criminals.

Don’t let these people try to take your rights. Get up. Stand up. Stand up for your rights. Don’t give up the fight.

If you believe in this, do not let them do this. Write your congresspeople. The left will use everything at their disposal to further their agenda – they’ll use victims (Gabbie Giffords), they’ll use tragedy, they’ll use the drive by media. They’ll use Piers Morgan. They’ll use any Congressperson who will be a lapdog for it.

And all of this makes them the biggest hypocrites in the world, because who is surrounded by (heavily) armed guards all the time? Do not fall for it. Fight for your right.


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