Main Street Media… Still Lost In a Fog…

Over the week end I came upon an article entitled, Is CNN looking for its own game change? (,0,3943690.story) which detailed what they called “the worst crises in its 32-year existence.”  What is this crisis you may ask? Well… if you have been following CNN’s plight over the course of the last six months or so, their viewership has fallen through the floor. It goes on to detail how they are building a new multi-million dollar set in Washington DC so they can cover the political conventions starting at 5:00 am in the morning and ending at 12:00 pm midnight…


CNN Conventions


Okay….. so let me make a couple of comments on what I think is a big part of their problem. Let me start by telling you what was instructive for me a couple of years ago. I use to receive the Wall Street Journal and would often watch CNBC. What soon became apparent was, they were not serious when it came to finding out the news. You know – digging into stories of fraud or corruption. They would never challenge any administration whether it be Republican or Democrat – when it came to BS numbers they would foist off on the public even when they knew they were lies to begin with. No… Instead of investigating the news and reporting the truth, they selectively would limit what they delve into or not report it at all or…. and this is most egregious, start shilling for the administration or the various companies that advertise with them. Hence, you either give them favorable coverage or you get cut off and get nothing from them.


Now lets fast forward to today. Where the big networks use to have a lock on the news and so forth, they are now finding themselves in a position where they are no longer relevant. This all came about from the progressive development of the internet and alternate news sites. No longer do they have a lock on the news. No longer can they filter what they want you to hear or see. No longer can they lie, yes….. that’s right, lie with impunity and not get called on it. No longer do you have to let them “Put things in Perspective for you” (i.e. tell you what to think or believe). There are too many people and / or organizations in the Blogosphere which will not let them slant the news or drive their pathetic agendas with out getting called on it. What do you now call these organizations like CNN and CNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC…etc…We call them dinosaurs... I don’t think I need to tell you what happened to the dinosaurs, they became extinct, as in gone……


So… I want to wish CNN a lot of luck with that new set in Washington DC. If they think that is going to turn their fortunes around, they are sadly mistaken. What they need to do is start doing what journalist used to do, and that is to report the truth. Start investigating the sleazy deals banks have with the government. Investigate how a Bank (HSBC) can launder 250 billion dollars for the country of Iran and walk away with a 340 million dollar fine rather than have the criminals who engaged in this nefarious scheme go to jail. Until the main street media goes back to this, its over for them.


For a long time I think the media looked at the public like they were a bunch of rubes. Those days are gone….



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