More Misdirection On The Middle East

I keep hearing how all these attacks on our embassies through out the middle east are the work of spontaneous rioters and there is nothing more to it than that. Do you believe that? I don’t. I am not looking for a conspiracy, but I think I can see a coordinated attack when it occurs, especially when they occur on or around 9/11. What has been rather unusual is, we have heard nothing from the BOY President on this. There is no….. and I mean no…… leadership coming out this guy but a continued stream of apologies to the murderous regimes that perpetrate this kind of action.


Today we hear the the Libyan government announce that this was an organized hit and I think you can connect the dots that all the hits on embassies in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Lebanon Bangladesh, Indonesia, Afghanistan and now Pakistan were part of the plan. Instead the main-stream media continues to turn a deaf ear to any of this news coming forth. While I am not a fan of the latest Libyan government, they are saying this was an organized action and I agree with them and I will tell you why.


Lets look at the facts. First, we are told that the reason the Islamic Extremist are on the war path is because of some video that surfaced on the internet which is not very complimentary to Mohammed. In our world, we have free speech. In their world, Free Speech does not exist. We are then given the narrative that this is what set them off and the people rose up into a mob and then trashed the Embassy while killing our ambassador. What’s not being mentioned, or out right denied by our government is that the US government got a tip three days earlier that something was brewing and had a heads up well in advance of this thing going down – (I can understand why they want to deny it).  So my question is… why didn’t we do something? Why didn’t we beef up our security? By the way if you thought this was a spontaneous riot you better think again. This spontaneous riot included RPG’s and heavy machine guns. Don’t all rioters show up with this kind of hardware and 40 to 50 trucks?


It was also quite telling over the weekend – the FBI was sent to pick up the guy who made the movie that is at the supposed center of this violence. That’s right, whether this video was inflammatory or not, this is America and whether you like it or not, we have the first amendment in this country. Louis Farrakhan can make all kinds of derogatory and incendiary remarks about Jews and the FBI does not go to his house and take him into custody for questioning. If you thought you had free speech in the USA, you had better think again. Obviously the Obama administration did this to once again to show he is deeply concerned about the vicious Muslims….. to hell with free speech. As I mentioned earlier, this reason is totally bogus. So some guy makes a video and that is justification for killing four Americans in Libya? One more comment –  rather than the FBI busy picking up the guy  who made made the video, how about the FBI helps the Libyans find the knuckle draggers who killed our ambassador… Not very likely.


Sorry… not buying it, nor the excuses parroted by every news organization in the main street media. The MSM is completely bankrupt in this country and has no credibility. All they are is an extension of the administration and are given their talking points each morning. I keep asking where are the journalist.You know… those people seeking the truth? Well…. apparently they are nowhere to be found at the expense of the truth. Lets see if anyone wants to have a career in Journalism.





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  1. Mark

    September 22, 2012 at 12:16 am

    Not only was he killed, the stories I’ve been hearing is he was raped over over again. Then again after he died. This to make him a woman in the afterlife. The two stories I hear is the rapes occurred because he the ambassador was a known gay. Another more likely scenario has been to just dominate him like what is done in prison. It’s OK for male Muslims to have relations with young boys. That is not gay by their definitions. But that is supposed to stop when the man gets married. Though it does always stop Still under their misguided ideas if you are the pitcher in this game you are ok, as in not gay. If on the other hand you are a catcher that makes you gay. And if the pitcher knows you LIKE being the catcher. Then its a cloudy area for him as well He (The Pitcher) just might be construed as gay. Now where does all this leave the wife? She is there to make more little jehadst/martyr that it.

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