Nothing is as it appears.

Do you remember as a kid watching an Illusionist or Magician? You were probably captivated by what he wanted you to see and yes… it seemed like magic as he made something disappear and  then reappear. Kind of like our government statistics after the election. Before the election, we had unemployment trending down. It didn’t matter that we arrived at this number by no longer considering those who left the work force but hey…. they needed to get a President elected and once again… the shills in the media saw no evil heard no evil so whats your problem?


We are constantly being told how the economy is improving. I for one would be very happy if the economy did actually improve, however, today, we see  that food stamp use rose to another all time record. According to statistics, another 600,000 people are now getting food stamps which translates into another 290,000 house holds. Now let me stop here and say the following. Yes… there are those to who genuinely need this help on a temporary basis and this is not directed at them. What this is directed at is the notion that the economy is improving and yet we continue to grow food stamp use by 600,000 people. So… Once again we are told one thing…. reality is quite another.



Let me also comment on all this news regarding the Fiscal Cliff. As you are aware, there was not a peep regarding this during the lead up to the election. Why you may ask? Well… once again, we can’t ask any hard questions of either our President or the leadership in congress. I am referring to both Democratic and Republican leadership just in case you think I’m piling on the democrats. They are both worthless in my book and have been lying about our fiscal condition for a long, long time. Recently, with the help of a compliant media, they are doing their best to amp up the drama as we approach the date. My take on this is lets go off the Fiscal Cliff. As I mentioned in one of my other posts, they are using the Fiscal Cliff scenario to get what they want. What they want to do is, spend money we do not have and put you and your children on the hook for it. They will do everything in their power to threaten, cajole, and lie to get you to agree with this.


So the question is then asked, what will happen if we go off the cliff? Will this be economically painful? Yes it Will for Everyone. However, if we are to ever get this country back on a sound financial footing, we must obey the laws of sound finances. You know… not spending more than we are taking in . Once again, Our country takes in 2.4 Trillion in revenue, we spend 3.8 to 4.0, tell me this will end well. It won’t because it can’t. The laws of sound finance have not been repealed for us and each day that goes by puts us further in the hole. So… as the drama unfolds over the next couple of weeks, keep the vision of the Illusionist firmly planted in your mind. They will say one thing while another thing is happening. 




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