Tax Records for College Transcripts

I have to constantly ask myself… why does this President seem so keen to hide from so many things? Executive privilege here, just a flat out “No” there, I mean… what happened to the “Most Transparent Administration in History“?  And once again, all this coming from a guy who called George Bush out for doing something similar. Someday I might even consider someday proposing an “Open Source” government model, wherein all changes are logged for everyone to see – now that is transparent – because blunders and mistakes do happen, even as the president you are not immune to that.


So we have to ask ourselves… why is the most transparent administration hiding these things? What is there to hide behind Fast and Furious? What is there to hide in some college transcripts? Can it really be that bad? I am slightly embarrassed of my college transcripts, there is no lie there, but if I were running for a public office and the people demanding them, fine. I don’t care – I was an idiot when I was younger. I didn’t concentrate or really even try that hard. I’m not going to make excuses for that, I am going to learn from it and say “Well… I won’t be doing that again”. That is probably why I am not the president.


In all fairness, I would be hesitant to show people those as well. I am embarrassed of them. Maybe a little ashamed. But there is no reason to hide behind them. As there is no reason as to not release some tax records.


So I forward this suggestion – as mirrored by some other columnists today – Romneys Tax Records for Obama’s College Transcripts – specifically from Columbia.

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