The Empty Suit shows up for the Debate

OK… for those of you who watched the debate last night, I think it was readily apparent what an empty suit was on display last night by President Obama. This is the same guy the MSM has been telling us how smart he is, how polished he is, what command of the issues he has blah… blah… blah…. What was very apparent was that without a teleprompter, this guy is completely lost. He has a hard time organizing his thoughts, hence he has a tendency to fall back on well worn cliches which may have sounded fresh in 2008 but definitely have lost their luster in this time frame. Its like watching the same comedy act a couple of times. There’s nothing fresh about it.


What was quite telling after the debate was the post mordem offered up by his shills in the media. The performance was so strikingly bad, even they could not spin this pile of crap in to gold, although some tried. Of note was Chris “I got a tingle up my leg” Matthews, who came unglued at how inept the President looked. Actually, what you really saw… was the real Obama who the media has been shamelessly covering for – for the last four years. You see this guy has been totally manufactured. The reason you never see the real guy is – is because the result is what you saw tonight, and lets face it, I don’t think too many people are going to be impressed by what they saw. This is why his handlers never want him at unscripted  and uncontrolled press conferences. What this all boils down to is this. No Teleprompter…. No Performance.


So… having said the above, do you really think this guy is up to the task of what faces us as a nation? I don’t. As a matter of fact, until we are willing to address the hard problems like an adult, nothing is going to change. Oh…. in the long run things are going to change. However, would you rather that change came with some control – or through a full blown financial crisis? Let me also add, I don’t think it matters who’s elected as both parties are in denial about the magnitude of what faces us. It’s as if the problem is so ugly, we can’t bear to look at it. Instead, we will ignore it and hope it goes away. Surely, if they think it’s just going to blow away, they are delusional.


Since I really don’t think they are delusional, they obviously know what the problems are and feel that if we can just keep the game going, things will change and they will have some breathing room to try and figure out a solution. Mean while the debt clock continues to spiral out of control robbing you and me of our hard earned money. What is especially terrible is that the person who lived his life in a prudent fashion and who saved his money for retirement hoping to live off the interest and social security – is that at 1% interest, your not going to get too far, hence, they are forced into more risky elements trying to find yield.


In any case, lets see what happens next.




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