The Most Dangerous Person In America

  Recently, a one, Michael J. Burry gave the keynote speech at the UCLA Commencement Ceremony. For those who do not know Michael Burry, let me give you a brief synopsis of him. Burry was one of a handful of investors who made a fortune betting against the housing market during the events of 2007-2009. In it, he describes the process he undertook in determining that the credit bubble would pop, the housing sector would crash, and that the financial world’s blindness to the obvious would, if property harnessed, vault him into the 1%. All of it t was 100% foreseeable. There was no “black swan”. Yet, our most esteemed economic leaders were completely blind to it.

  Actually, they were not blind to it, they ignored it, or, thought they were smart enough to handle the problem. Obviously, it did not work out that way. Burry also wrote am OP/ Ed piece for the New York times entitled, ” I saw the Crisis Coming. Why Didn’t the Fed? Not long after his piece was published, all 6 of his defunct funds were Audited…..Gee…was it something he said?

  The fact of the matter is yes, it was something he said and anyone else who thinks for themselves and dares go against the conventional wisdom of the day as dictated by the Government. If you think for yourself, and question the powers that be, don’t be shocked when you are investigated, Audited, or, suddenly find your self under scrutiny. Hence, The Most Dangerous Person in America is a person who thinks for themselves.

  Let me conclude with this. If we are going to ever extricate ourselves from this mess , it won’t be by following the current Clown Car Brigade. They have been behind the curve all the way, and continue to do the same things expecting a different result. Clearly, what is needed is, guys like Mike Burry, who will say it like it is, and offer up concrete solutions to the problems we face. But lets get one thing clear. Any solution offered is going to come with pain and sacrifice by everyone.

  Do I expect anything will change in the short term? NO…I do not…We have not reached the Squeal Point but its coming….


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