The President Claims Executive Priviledge over Fast and Furious

  While it is is still early in the news cycle, the President has just come out and claimed Executive Privilege with respect to the documents Congress has requested from Eric Holder regarding the Fast and Furious Fiasco. Last night there was a meeting requested by Eric Holder with Congressman Issa to stave off the Contempt of Congress vote which is scheduled for today. Obviously, nothing was solved here as Congressman Issa demanded the documents Eric Holder had been stone walling over. He didn’t get them and that was that, hence Eric ran to the President and the President comes out and Exerts Executive Privilege.

  So, what do we make of all of this? To me, this is real simple. The information contained in these documents is damaging to the President and his Administration. We are not talking about National Security here. We are talking about a Hair Brained Scheme to let guns go across the border to Mexico with out a plan to track them or arrest anyone involved. Who knew what and when, is what Issa has been trying to get to the bottom of. Instead, we got stone walling from the Attorney General, hence the contempt vote today. The information is the last thing the President needs out in public right now especially since hes going to be facing a stiff election challenge. Lets see how this turns out. For my money this is not going to help Barry at all and will only lead to further questions regarding what went on with this stupid scheme.Stay tuned I think this is going to get interesting.



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