The Zombie Horde

  There is a certain segment of the population which does not have a clue about what goes on around them. If you asked them who the secretary of State is, you would get a blank stare. Their life evolves around a TV set where some one tells them what to believe in, what to think about, and if need be, have some one put things in perspective for them. Clearly, they are not people who think for themselves. They have been conditioned to believe that Government is the answer to all of life’s questions or problems. They are in many cases, willfully ignorant. In short, these are the Zombie Hordes.

  We point this out because, as things progress in this country, its going to become painfully obvious, the government will not be able to fund all the social programs they have going now. As a matter of fact, the latest statistics show, Approximately 49% of the population get some kind of Transfer Payment from the government . There are not too many politician talking about this. The reason they do not talk about this is, If they do address this in a negative manner, (I.E. Talk about cuts in Freebees) they will not get elected. Instead,  what we will do is, continue down this road with the politicians saying nothing as we go flying off the cliff. In case you don’t believe me, look at Europe right now. All the problems they are faced with now, are from busted banks and governments that spent non stop propping up the welfare state. In the case of Greece, Spain and Italy, we are at the inflection point. They have massive amounts of debt which they want to some how roll over, however, the amounts are staggering and the load of debt too heavy to carry. Once again common sense eludes them. They still think that the way to correct a debt problem is to heap more debt on top of it all…..You have to be kidding ….Right? Unfortunately, that is exactly what this is and more debt will solve Nothing.

  Getting back to the Zombie Horde, when the EBT. card does not get a recharge, the Zombies will be out in force. If you aren’t going to give it to them, they will take it, hence, the preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse. Now you may smile and laugh at this as you think this could never happen. Well take a look at Europe today..Its ugly, as it is finally dawning on them that maybe…..just maybe…. they won’t get another bail out. This is going to be a preview for coming attractions here. Do I think this will happen tomorrow? No, I do not, but by the same token, do not underestimate how fast this Could Unwind. We are in UN-Charted waters when it comes to the financial situation going on, Not just here, but World Wide….

  Best be making Prudent Preparations…



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