Time To Stand Up And Be Counted!!!

For those of you that see this below, The Greek Translation is, “Come and Take Them”This was the response by King Leonidas who fought the Persian army to a Standstill at Thermopylae when the Persians asked the Spartans to hand over their weapons. Does that sound Militant? Yes it does…… because there can be no half measures in our struggle against those who would now disarm us. I am specifically talking about the gun control  bill(s) which will soon be introduced in the senate.  You see, the same clowns were just waiting for a horrific opportunity so they can step in and take your means of self defense away. They do this under the guise of banning assault weapons (what are “Assault Weapons”? Any weapon can be an assault weapon) but one look at Feinstein’s bill puts this to a lie. Furthermore, I reject their description of any kind when trying to categorize, good guns versus bad guns. To them, all guns are bad except for those used to guard them.

This  latest example of these traitors, needs to be met with Political Force. The only thing these people understand is getting elected. We need to contact every politician in our area and make out wishes known to them. They have to understand, we will not sit idly by while they try and pass idiotic bills which will do nothing to make people safer. These people work for us, not the other way around . They are our representatives and they can be fired. I am not interested in a dialog with people like Diane Feinstein, Chuckie Shumer, President Obama, etc…. they are not interest in any thing except the elimination of all weapons.

Over the week end the President made it clear, he will be putting his weight behind the bill which will be advanced in the senate. Of course he is, he does not have to get re-elected. President Obama kept a low profile about gun control during the election process as he knows this would have gone against him. Another reason was the President was neck deep in the Fast and Furious scandal whereby they sold guns to known Mexican drug Cartels. They then have been engaged in a massive cover up which up to this point they have managed to keep secret even after the congress cited our attorney general with contempt.

So… Now is the time to stand up and be counted. They are going to try and enact the most draconian gun control since 1968. We need to all be engaged and we need to do it now. Take the image below, blow it up and paste it every where that you can . Send this email to any, who are remotely concerned for our rights.






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