Voter Fraud Exists – Democrats in Denial

I’m certain you’ve heard a lot of rumblings of bills being presented in state governments requiring a government issued photo ID to vote, and because of that, I’m sure you’ve also heard a somewhat large uproar coming from the left. “It will disenfranchise voters”, they say. Let me quote that article I just linked – the first line of that is this “The new wave of photo ID laws sweeping the country will strip the right to vote from millions of eligible voters across America.”. Let me address that – voting is not a “right” per se. I think it’s a responsibility – and it’s something you need to take responsibility for.



Let’s examine all the double standards here quickly, because there are a lot of them. You require a photo ID to get through airport security. You need a drivers license or other government issued photo ID to get a job (not in all cases obviously, but in most cases). Obviously you need a drivers license to drive a vehicle. You need a government issued photo ID to get in to college. You need a state or government issued ID to get in to the Democratic National Convention for crying out loud. The NAACP required a photo ID to see AG Holder speak (who is vehemently against voter ID laws and incidentally, at that same place, spoke against voter ID laws).



In news this week, an Arkansas legislator quietly (or hoped it would be quiet) pleaded guilty to committing voter fraud. “Prosecutors said Hallum and his father, Kent, tasked Carter and Malone with obtaining absentee ballot applications for certain voters and assisting voters in filling out the ballots, ‘actually completing absentee ballots in some instances without regard to the voter’s actual candidate choice.'” And it gets even better – “If a ballot contained a vote for Hudson Hallum’s opponent, it was destroyed,” prosecutors said in a bill of information filed with the court.”  This man absolutely blew away what he swore to defend, which is Democracy. And Democracy is the choice of the people, through a vote.



And there are some people (including the media) who claim that voter fraud does not exist. And once again, to divide us, they tell us that voter ID laws will disenfranchise seniors – since they find it hard to get to a place where they can get a license, and minorities. Let me say this about our seniors and our minorities. If you are here legally and if you care about who is elected, will you not find a way to vote?



I think that the reason why voter ID is important is so that actual citizens of this country are chartered with the future of our country. I think that if illegals had the right to vote, they would vote for the person who would promote amnesty and make them a citizen of this country. The reason why voter ID is so important is, in my opinion, something like this: If you were an illegal immigrant, sitting on a plot of land with no viable income, or very little income, would you not just vote to take the rich mans money and land? Further, I think a lot of people here have become to lazy or sidetracked with things like the NFL or NBA to be bothered with politics who to be bothered with voting. Where is the personal responsibility?



Obviously personal responsibility is on the steep decline here. Illegitimate children are born to mothers with no father and dumped on their parents – so they can just do what they want with no responsibility. It’s not important to have the responsibility of a job anymore, not when the government will just buy your way out. There is no responsibility for crappy business decisions of corporations (Government Motors anyone) – the government will just bail them out.

Voting is about taking the responsibility to research your candidates. It’s about taking the responsibility to be sure that you qualify to vote here. That means being a citizen of this country. That means doing what it takes to vote – which should be getting a photo ID. That means showing up at the polls with a good amount of research and some good reasons to vote for someone (and by good reason, I don’t mean the reason that is something like “oh, it’s because he is Black”, or “he came from a broken home”). I mean REAL reasons, real economic and sound reasons. Reasons that you feel or think are close to what you feel and think. This is our responsibility as citizens. If you are just going to go to the polls and fill out some check-boxes of the person who says “Republican” or the person who is next to “Democrat”, you are the real reason where are where we are. You sold us to these idiots.



I personally think voter fraud is rampant. More rampant than we can imagine. Here in Minnesota, we had, in November of 2010, a sweeping Republican victory in the state house and senate. Yet who wins the Governor’s seat? Not only a Democrat, but an extremely leftist liberal. I am not claiming that this is fraud – I’m claiming that it’s extremely questionable and suspicious.


Make sure you are watching the other hand…

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