What is the truth? And what is truth?

In the wake of the Bengazi attacks in Libya, we are finding out all sorts of so called “facts” from government – like that this attack was a random uprising, protesting against a video that was posted on Youtube – and the truth couldn’t be further away from this.

So what is the truth? Is it what they are telling us?

Truth, I believe, is knowledge supported by fact, or an action, place, thing that is supported by fact.

To find what truth is, let’s look at this objectively, based timeline and fact – from there we can deduce what the truth is.

1. Fact – on September 11th, 2012, there was an attack on Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

2. Fact – on that date, our Ambassador was tortured and killed, along with three others protecting him.

3. Fact – in the days after that attack, the Secretary of State and the President of the United States placed blame for the attacks on (one of the most stupid things I’ve ever wasted my time watching, by the way) a video posted on Youtube.

4. Fact – the Government knew the attack was a terrorist attack within two hours of the time it began.

5. Fact – the Government, knowing full well that it was a terrorist attack, continued using the Youtube video as a scapegoat for the premise of these attacks (and in fact, is STILL using the Youtube video even though the aforementioned facts have come to light).

6. Fact – Obama blames the video again 5 days later.

7. Fact – the Libyan President denies that it was the video – claims that it was a premeditated military strike.

8. Fact – September 25th – Obama claims (on the View) that there is not enough information yet to make a judgement on what happened (–adding my opinion is that we were fast enough to say it was the Youtube video… but now we can’t call it terrorism?)

9. Disturbing Fact – The Consulate was denied help from close troops – not once, but twice. There is also speculation that a general may have been relieved of command when he declined that order.

Now let’s move from fact to what we can deduce from this:

1. Let’s call it like it is – the Government is lying about this. They knew it was a terror attack within 2 hours of the battle starting – yet they continually said it was a Youtube video. Why?

2. Why were these people denied help?

3. Why is a stupid video a scapegoat?

Perhaps one of the hardest issue that I have this entire thing is that the Consulate was denied help – and a general may have been relieved of his command for trying to help anyway. Now once again it comes to this: Either the President is incompetent for letting this happen and not providing good leadership and solid decisions, or he is complicit and let our people die over there, or he is complicit with it and knew full well our people would die and willingly made this decision to let this people die. No matter what, it’s one of the two, and both of which are impeachable offenses in my opinion.

No matter what your political standing is, allowing people to die for any reason is never acceptable. Does the military not say “Never leave a man behind?” – seems like these people were left behind. I don’t think our current President is fit for office due to not understanding that. And I think that our armed forces with agree with me.

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