Where’s the Truth?

It appears every where you turn, the truth is getting massaged one way or another. Better yet, lets tell it like it is, we are constantly being lied to. Lets take the last employment report. We were treated to a gushing report how the employment pictures is really on the mend , Yet the overall unemployment rate increase by one tenth of the percentage point. We are then given a tortured explanation of how more unemployment is better, not to mention the people who fell off the rolls as their unemployment benefits have expired and they have not found work.


In their quest to convince you that everything is beautiful, they try and make the process needlessly complicated, by introducing all these measurements that they say we need, to get a clear picture of what is happening in the employment sector. The fact of the matter is, when ever anything is made more complicated than it needs to be, there is a reason. They don’t want you to understand what is really going on. You see, they can’t give you a straight up answer of, up, or, down. If they did, the game would be up. Hence, they have to resort to the ” Birth Death Model along with Seasonal Adjustments.” ( they need to have these in order for them to make the employment rate what they want it to be on any given month) If they were really interested in the real employment number they could know in a New York minute but the government is not interested in you knowing the truth, they need to make the number fit the narrative they are trying to pass off and they come up with, Less employment is more . Confused? You should be, if they are doing their jobs.


In conclusion let me say this, Ole Barry wants to get elected. The last thing this guy needs, is, for the unemployment rate to go up. If it does, it would certainly make getting a second term more difficult. So,…. where is the press in all of this. Why aren’t they calling the administration on all the games they are playing? I go back to this. They are too busy trying to get the guy elected to be concerned about the truth. Mean while, we are spending money like there is no tomorrow with scant acknowledgement, that the path we are on is, UNSUSTAINABLE. Let me say that again, UNSUSTAINABLE. These clowns can make all the arguments they want, the math does not lie and at some point in the future, we are going to hit the wall and we will hit it hard….But for now, we will all pretend, “every little thing, gonna be alright.”







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