With the Election Over, Where do we go from here?

With the election over, it’s kind of interesting to see what now takes center stage. The lemmings (MSM) were out in force last week trumpeting the fact that we are heading for The Fiscal Cliff (oh no… anything but that). What is so very amusing for me is that we have been approaching the fiscal cliff for a long time, haven’t you seen the warning signs? If you still don’t know what we are talking about let me clue you in. First off, the only reason we are hearing about this from the corrupt main street media is, the election is now over and their guy won. Okay, no problem. However, the fiscal cliff has been approaching for a long time and no one did anything about it except say “We gotta do something about it”.


Now…. the clock is ticking and we supposedly must do something before the end of the year for a number of reasons. We have all these tax cuts which are set to expire and the real reason is, we need to have congress approve a two trillion dollar addition to our debt ceiling. Yes that’s right, two freaking trillion dollars which will last maybe a year and a half… and if you think this is ever going to be paid back, you better get a cranium exam because it’s not. Not today, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, not next year, NOT EVER in spite of everything they are saying. The math does not lie. We take in 2.4 to 2.6 trillion in taxes. We are spending 3.8 to 4.0 tell me… where do you think the money comes from? Let me answer this for you before you start making up excuses: WE PRINT IT. What a wonderful concept. I can’t do this at my house but the government does this every day and this is the fiscal cliff we should really be worried about.


Once again, Obama has been flapping his jaws about taxing the rich but the dirty little secret is, this will not get us to where we need to be revenue wise and he knows it, just as the MSM does but are too gutless to ever bring that up. You see we can’t ever bring up subjects that may contain pain for the American people. Their idea is if we can ignore this long enough, all of our problems will magically go away. Well… these idiots remind me of the stories told about the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII. The Nazi’s would tell the Jews in this Ghetto that they were going to be resettled in the east at a resettlement camp. The resettlement camp was actually Auschwitz or Birkenau. There were Jews who escaped the Camp and went back to the Warsaw Ghetto and told the people that there was no resettlement camp but a death camp. These bringers of life were threatened by their own Jewish leadership to shut up as they could not panic the people. Instead…nothing was said and the result was lambs to the slaughter. So what we have here is the same thing in a financial sense. The end result is the American people are being led to the financial slaughter and either the media is inept, or, complicit in the whole thing. My vote is that they are willingly complicit to the detriment of the American People.


So what’s going to happen? I’ll give you a good guess. They will find a way to address this fiscal cliff in a nick of time. You see we ain’t going off no stinking cliff financial or otherwise. This is used to panic you so you agree to their BS solutions which will be a big nothing but more money printing. (Remember Henry Paulson in 2008…Give me 800 Billion dollars or there will be tanks in the street. Same scare tactics in play here.) And yes… there will be increased taxes and there will be these fake budget cuts. The clown car brigade made up of both Obama and Speaker Boehner will both claim victory and we will all go merrily along, with everyone feeling good except nothing of substance will really have happened. Your taxes in some form or another will be raised. Don’t expect any substantive cuts in spending. Don’t expect they will address the runaway excess spending of 1.2  to 1.6 trillion a year. Don’t expect anything meaningful to happen. The idiots in congress, both Republicrats and Democrats are hopelessly lost and are not capable of anything. They want to go along, to get along; despite the fact the real fiscal cliff is the excessive spending financed by rampant money printing which in the end makes your money worthless.


My Advice is, make prudent preparations. I have no idea how long they can keep the game going but at some point, we are are going to hit the wall where they won’t be able to print more money or have some idiot buy our debt that will never be paid back.



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